This bundle of paintings is a toast to the wide-open sky and fog in the Bay Area. The closest thing I had to fog growing up in Minnesota was the humidifier my mom would put next to my bed when I was sick. So, to me, fog is still a mystery and I'm really into it.


Seven years ago, I moved back to San Francisco after living in Portland, Santa Fe, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis. My apartment was by Alamo Square and I'd walk up to the park in the mornings. Constantly blown away by the huge sky, I started to paint the moments that caused me to look up, slow down, and stop wondering if Turbotax really had my back or if taking vitamins made a difference. 


As far as how my paintings come to be, I start with a slice of architecture or landscape and I build up layers of color until the fog rolls in and the light spins through the open sky.


I paint commissions and can make prints of most of my paintings and illustrations too. Please contact me if you have any questions.  








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