5050 GRID FINAL.jpg

I finished my 50 paintings --- cannot believe it --- and I'm so pumped to be in the 50/50 show at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica: 

Sept 10 - Oct 11. 


And god, this show is incredible. There are 51 other artists in it and we all made 50 pieces of art in 50 days --- we're talking textiles, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, paper, and more. 

My theme: Skycapes from WI to CA


The idea for these paintings hatched when I was gifted a hand-me-down set of wheels from my sister and brother-in-law over the summer in Minnesota.


It was love at first sight with Rhonda Civic so I decided to road trip back with her to California.


I was blown away constantly and cried twice it was so beautiful. Was it my coming-of-age? I tried to get some of those feelings down on these 6" x 6" baby canvases.


I ended up painting a mix of diptychs, triptychs, and singleton paintings of places that twirled me in for a dip: spots in Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California.


With some wind in my hair, I'm so grateful to the Sanchez Art Center for this project and to you for reading this far.

Here are the close-up images. Let me know if you're interested in buying one or some and I'll contact Sanchez then ship them out. 


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